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About Bethany A. Condon


When I was a child, I would ask my parents "take me for a country ride to look at farms!". LOL! I remember the feeling I had when we'd arrive at a farm taking it all in and thought how beautiful it was! An unusual request coming from a little girl. My love for the rural farm life coincided with my love for horses which began when I was 7 years old - I remember my mother and I went to the barn where my sister just started taking riding lessons. As I got out of the car and walked towards the post fence to watch my sister ride, within the first minute I knew I wanted to be with horses. My mother made me wait 2 more years until I was 9 years old to begin riding lessons. My first riding instructor's barn was in Narragansett, RI - just a short trail ride to the ocean at Narragansett Beach. The wonderful memories I have of galloping on the packed sand and riding bare back in the water!


But as a horse obsessed girl, a once-a-week riding lesson wasn't enough for me - I did everything I could to be around horses. I read about them, studied the different breeds and riding disciplines, worked at several different barns to gain experience. My father would drop me off at the barn early in the morning. It didn't matter if it was 90+ degrees or below10 chopping through ice filled water buckets - the huge responsibility of taking care of horses at such a young age felt natural and I loved every second of it!

As I got older, my priorities changed - I lost interest in competing and winning ribbons - my focus turned more towards equine health and wellness which eventually led me to earning two certifications in equine sports massage therapy (and contining!). I have witnessed and still do too many times of horses wearing ill fitting/ill placed saddles, bridles/bits, inconsistent and incorrect training methods bringing on back soreness and lameness. Massage therapy for horses only felt right. Not only do I enjoy the close bond and interaction I have with horses while massaging them, but I love bringing a horse back to its optimal performance level - the natural and healthy level that the horse should be at. As someone who’s always rooted for the underdog, no matter the horse's age, prior injuries, medical issues or lack of correct training when most owners or trainers have given up on their horse, I am determined to get to the root cause of the problem through massage therapy. I've been told first hand from horse owners and trainers the improvements they have seen and felt through riding because of massage therapy. For me, eliminating pain and discomfort through massage therapy for the horse is equivalent to winning that blue ribbon at a horse show!


*Equine massage therapy is NOT a substitute for veterinary care 




give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return

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