It Takes A Village equine professionals list (more to be added)

Trainers/riding instructors:

Cathie Hatrick Anderson – local MA horse trainer of Bobcat Farm in Upton, MA – very experienced, knowledgeable, kind and patient - there is nothing this lady doesn’t know about horses – she trains horses, re-trains problematic, behavioral horses, trailing loading issues and groundwork training, horsemanship training and riding instructor – I have personally trained with Cathie on the ground and in the saddle as well as massaged her horses and has helped me so much! - 508-479-5266

Saddle fitters:

- Diane Williams -The Saddle Tailor - 617-957-1794 -

- Audra McGough - AE Saddle Fit - 570-709-1212

- Karen Withstandley - also does thermography imaging - - 203-558-8679


Dr. Eino Ketola, D.C. - Noah's Ark Chiropractic -

Dr. Steven Katz, D.C. - 


Ron Hill

Georgia Barry

Spencer TorodeGeorgia 

Cory St. Peter

Rachel Nydam - Central MA Hoof Care

Equine Dentists:

Nate Viera

Dr. Leah Limine - Northeast Equine Veterinary Dental -

Distant/online equine professionals:

Jillian Kreinbring of JK Inspired - equine anatomist/lecturer, trainer

Jane Savoie – dressage rider, teacher, trainer

Lynn Palm – trainer, riding instructor

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann – well known German veterinarian and equine biomechanics expert – some of his DVDs are If Horses Could Speak, Tug of War: Classical Versus Modern Dressage and Balancing Act-the Horse in Sport-An Irreconcilable Conflict

Dr. Joanne Robson – veterinarian – she has lots of very excellent and detailed videos on youtube on equine anatomy and explains why horses have issues

April Battles (she’s April Love now) from Holistic Horse Works – equine yoga – she’s extremely knowledgeable on equine anatomy, conformation, structure –

Will Faerber – excellent rehabilitative horse trainer – he supports the traditional classical dressage training and studied with Nuno Oliveira –

Wendy Murdoch – equestrian instructor and clinician - she is THE best and understands equine and rider biomechanics, equine anatomy, equine conformation –

Catherine Haddad - dressage rider, instructor, trainer

Caroline Beste (formerly Caroline Rider) – Tao of Horsemanship - excellent horse trainer – mostly re-trains abused and problematic horses – I just love this woman – have been following her for years – she really understands how to communicate with horses and the importance of the connection between horse and human –

Mary Wanless

Dr. Sue Dyson

Equitopia – – they do lots of great case studies on topics like back tightness/pain, lameness and biomechanics – watch Dr. Karin Leibbrandt

Jochen Schleese – saddle fitter and clinician –

Jeff Sanders – saddle fitter – even though he mostly does western saddle fitting, he says a lot of great things about saddle fitting that can also be applied to English saddles


More local equine professionals to be added – veterinarians, equine dentists, farriers, chiropractors, nutritionists, trainers - if you want to recommend your equine professionals, please message me and I'll add it to this list!

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