Myofascial Release & CranioSacral Therapy for the Equine

Equine Myofascial Release is a very effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore motion, increase blood circulation, performance, strength, power and stamina while decreasing pain associated with muscle tightness and inflammation - myo means muscle tissue and fascia means the connective tissue in and around the muscles. Fascia is ultra thin and translucent yet very strong and wraps around everything in the body - bones, muscles, arteries, veins and organs like a spider web but when that fascia is restricted due to chronic or acute pain, injury or trauma, the equine body, much like the human body, works less efficiently.


CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, non manipulative, non invasive, energy based therapy helping to treat chronic and acute conditions such as hock or stifle issues, lumbar and SI problems, head shaking syndrome, lameness, TMJ, cribbing, difficulty breathing such as heaves, grinding teeth, difficulty chewing, bucking, rearing and spookiness. The practitioner releases restrictions in the soft tissues surrounding the central nervous system which is made up of the brain and spinal cord and influenced by the craniosacral system - the membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. Restrictions in the horse's body can be detected and corrected by the practitioner using a simple method of touch.

BAC Equine & Canine Massage Therapy 

Bethany A. Condon, CEMT, CCMT

twice Certified Equine Massage Therapist & Certified Canine Massage Therapist

also certified in Equine Myofascial Release, CranioSacral, Red Light Therapy/Acupressure, Advanced Equine Anatomy, Trigger Point Therapy and Canine Massage Therapy

graduated from Equissage NE/NY & Midwest Natural Healing for Animals

cell - 617-319-5895

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