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BAC Policy & Rates


  • Payment - I accept cash, personal check, Venmo - payment is due and expected at the completion of the massage - if I haven't been paid, interest charges will apply on a daily basis. A $35 fee will be added for any returned checks.

  • Cancellation/Rescheduling - I require at least 24 hours notice if canceling or rescheduling your appointment. If I receive a cancellation less than 24 hours, full payment is still due. Last minute cancellations and rescheduling are unacceptable.

  • If your horse has never had a massage before, I require that you check with your veterinarian first especially if your horse has any current or recent illness, injury or on medication.

  • Please have your horse ready on time for their massage appointment:

    • warmed up with a 5 to 10 minute hand walk (please do not warm up your horse with a quick trot or canter on the lunge line - preferably hand walk - they shouldn't be too overheated)

    • groomed if dirty with dried mud or sweat mostly dried off if wet and hooves picked

    • I require the owner be present during the entire first evaluation and massage - owner does not need to be present after first massage


- $

- $70 for first time evaluation and massage - plus travel fee - first 25 miles waived


- $65 per equine maintenance massage - plus travel fee - first 25 miles waived

- $30 per canine massage - plus travel fee - first 25 miles waived

*Equine & canine discount packages at $85 plus travel fee - first 25 miles waived

More frequent massages in the beginning of your horse's therapy plan are oftentimes needed if your horse is in a considerable amount of pain, discomfort, severe muscle tightness in order to accelerate and start to resolve your horse's issues sooner than later. Some clients will do a few massages within the first month to relieve the extreme muscle tightness but this is not a guarantee that your horse will be completely pain free and perfectly symmetrical after the 3rd massage for example. The client will have homework to do as well in between massages such as groundwork exercises, stretching, hiring a saddle fitter, working with a certified riding instructor if not already, hiring an equine chiropractor, hiring a new farrier if necessary. As the issues begin to resolve, then we can start to spread out the massages further and further apart ideally no longer than about once every 8 to 12 weeks but that all depends on your horse's condition. Every horse's case is different.

Areas served - Massachusetts and Rhode Island - occasionally CT, VT and NH if massaging a large group of horses over the course of 1 to 2 days or an entire weekend

*Equine massage therapy is NOT a substitute for veterinary care

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