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Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy:

- extends the health, well being and overall quality of your horse's athletic career

- boosts athletic performance and endurance

- improves disposition, relaxation and reduces stress

- prevents injury

- reduces inflammation and swelling in joints relieving pain

- increases range of motion

- eases and releases muscle spasms

- restores loss of function after an injury

- improves blood and lymph circulation

- relieves tension by restoring relaxation to stressed muscles, tendons, ligaments 

   & joints

- increases production of synovial fluid to the joint

- improves pliability of fascia

- reduces danger of fibrosis

- releases endorphins

- restores musculo-skeletal balance

- prevents loss of mobility and restores mobility to injured muscle tissues

- prevents muscle adhesions

Additionally, equine massage therapy also benefits these 5 major equine systems:

1. Muscular System - massage helps muscles to be supple and free of tension which allows muscles to move freely.

2. Fascial System – fascia is a fibrous connective tissue made up of collagen, elastin and water. It encases, connects and protects organs, muscles, muscle fibers and all functional units of the body and extends to the cellular level. It appears almost everywhere and has a seamless, continuous existence in the horse’s body, a web of tissue from head to toe. Fascia is the medium that interconnects skin, muscles and fatty tissue (adipose).

3. Circulatory System - massage increases blood flow to the area worked on and helps speed recovery of injured muscle tissues to restore mobility.

4. Lymphatic System - removes excess fluid and fatty acids from the tissue and is the first line of defense in fighting infection.

5. Nervous System - this system controls every bodily function. The autonomic nervous system is comprised of the sympathetic system (fight/flight response) and the parasympathetic system (rest/digestion response). When there is imbalance in these 2 systems, it can be detrimental to all body functions. Massage therapy can bring more balance to the horse’s fight/flight syndrome so he’s not so reactive and more desensitized to stressful things in his/her environment and is able to rest/be calm and digest more easily avoiding diseases like colic.


*Equine massage therapy is NOT a substitute for veterinary care

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