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I always appreciate the time my clients take to write testimonials on my BAC Equine Massage Therapy Facebook page and for my website as you'll see below - testimonials help to reassure new potential clients know who I am and understand the results other horse owners have experienced with their horses.

"Bethany is unbelievably knowledgeable and understands each athlete will have different needs. She has put together a personalized plan to keep my daughters jumper performing a peak levels. She is amazing!" - Jennifer Gallant Backman, Carver, MA

"I highly recommend Bethany! She’s so knowledgeable and caring and my horses love her!! She absolutely changed my old mans life and we are forever grateful!!" - Christine Vacca, Lakeville, MA

"Bethany has been a huge game changer in my horse's health and performance. I am so lucky I found her. My last two lessons we have done stuff I haven't been able to do for 3 years. His muscles feel soft and pliable. The protocol Bethany recommends of having the first few massages done within the first two weeks is what made the difference. Bethany did a great job of evaluating him and I could see and feel changes every week - he was better, better, better. We are now back to working on 3rd level dressage and he feels wonderful. My vet commented she has never seen him more balanced and straight. Thank you Bethany!!!!" - Amy Caine, Sons of the Wind Farm, Merrimac, MA

"Bethany, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work that you have been doing with Maya. I was so fortunate to find you and decide to give you a try. I know that Maya enjoys your visits. I can see it in her expression, her desire to play, and certainly in the way she is able to move more freely. Prior to your work with Maya, I tried chiropractic treatment on her with some improvement, however the work that you are doing with the soft tissue is amazing! Maya is certainly benefiting from your professional care and highly skilled practice. What sets you apart is your intuition, incredible knowledge base and drive to continue to learn and develop new skills. As a horse mom, I respect the way you listen and patiently respond to my questions about what you are doing to help Maya as well as why you are doing what you are doing. You are the whole package. Thank you" - Michelle Connolly, Norfolk, MA


"Bethany is amazing. I saw such a difference in just the first massage for my two horses, she’s very thorough and was awesome to see my horses releasing so much! Highly recommend" - Rachael Stackpole, Holliston, MA


"Wow, wow, wow!!! Bethany has worked wonders on my boy!!! He is looking and feeling great, he has a new swing in his step! Bethany is kind and gentle, she understands my boy and never pushes him beyond his limits. Bethany is well educated and always willing to answer any questions!! I highly recommend Bethany if you are considering massage therapy!! - Stacy Stefanini, Mendon, MA


"Bethany is amazing, she’s great with the horses and is really in-tune to what they need, not to mention she’s very thorough and passionate about her work. My horses love her!" and "Bethany - I have to tell you that I rode Taygo today and he felt amazing!!!  Forward, even, and so much better on the left lead Canter!!! Thank you!!!" -  Jill Swift, October Farm, Mendon, MA

"Bethany massaged both of my horses, first my gelding who craves attention and grooming. He ate it up. It was great to see him yawn over and over as he experienced her touch getting at the tight muscles. Bethany explained what she was doing the entire time. I was really impressed by her vast knowledge of horse anatomy. Honestly my gelding was very easy for her but the real proof in the pudding was when she massaged my mare who is a sweet heart and puts up with beginner riders and handlers all day long but HATES to be touched, especially in her chest and girth area (she had lived with a different owner for 4 years - long story and came back a very different horse afraid of the world, guarded with her back feet and cinchy. Not cold backed but ugly faces when you are near the girth area) I use a softer brush when grooming her. At first my mare was suspect at Bethany's touch. Armed with this knowledge Bethany was softer with her but assertive enough with her hands to make my mare go from ugly face and shaking her head up and down to closing her eyes. I know she was loving what Bethany was doing to help her. I can't wait to see how my mare reacts to her second visit. If you have Bethany out, you can expect her to spend a full hour on your horse with a serious massage - forget about a fluff and buff.  I'm sure massage is good all year long before and after competitions but coming out of Winter has got to be a great time to start with a massage - horses have not been able to move about. What a great gift to give them before saddling up this Spring. As a horse trainer that gets dragged by problem horses on a regular basis, I neglect my own aching body (had my first massage when I was nearing 50). After a massage I feel 100% better and ready to go back to work. Thank goodness I am not expected to carry a rider while doing my job". - Cathie Hatrick-Anderson, Horse Trainer, Bobcat Farm - Upton, MA - Check out Cathie's testimonial after I massaged her mare Cachina for the third time on my BAC Equine Massage Therapy Facebook page -

"I've ridden Wyl a few times. He felt great! Very free and outpaced the big old QH! Yesterday I went for a trail ride on my own - again very free, forward, we mostly walked and trotted, a short canter on each lead. Trails consisted of lots of roots in places so I chose that trail to work on the principal of ground poles (walking only) but I was pleased as he seemed more comfortable stepping and picking up his hind feet over the poles" - Julie Higgins, Derry, NH


"The girls at the barn said Mystique loves you and you spent lots of time on her" - Nardine Bellew, Dorbill Stables, Bridgewater, MA


Feedback from clients who text and email me:


""He feels so amazing right now. How is next weekend for you to come up again?"

"Here it is - the day that I put a saddle on Jaz, there were no teeth and he didn't want to bite me when I tightened the girth. Takes a village, thanks"

"You should know, farrier was able to do Jaz's rear shoes today for the first time with no fighting. In fact Jaz was enjoying it when he lifted his hoof up and out when he use to throw him in the air"

"Hi, hoping you can work on my mare Tuesday after you are finished with my gelding, who feels fantastic BTW. Please let me know"

"Hi, riding Fortune on Sunday, she took off on me twice, two times in gallop from canter. Have you created a 29 year old monster? LOL! Look forward to our next visit"

"He felt good. And the person who rides Target said he felt looser/freer esp in his trot. We went out this morning and she re-mentioned it. She said she thought she felt it Sunday too. But definitely today cuz it was just the 2 of us riding and we did longer bouts of trotting"

"Hi. Instructor today noticed he definitely was moving freer since his massage. Got rained out last wk so couldnt be observed. But good to know it was still visible 2 wks later"

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