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6 year old OTTB mare using the red light pad on her right club foot to assist in healing her crumbled hoof wall

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17 year old draft X gelding with left shoulder issues preventing him from turning and utilizing his right side correctly - I used the red light pad on his superficial muscles the tricep and deltoid. The red light also affects the deeper layer of muscles - the supraspinatus deep to the deltoid and the infraspinatus deep to the tricep

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27 year old Palomino QH mare using the red light pad on her right knee (carpal) because of a past torn tendon injury, navicular, arthritis and Lyme Disease. Consistent massage therapy along with red light therapy will help to ease past pain and discomfort associated with arthritic pain and swelling


yes red light therapy even works on dogs and cats!

Bella - 14 year old German Shepherd with severe arthritis in her hips particularly her left side hip - using my red light pad on her - owner said she chased after her neighbor the next day - something she hasn't seen in years! 


Bode - my 8 year Maine Coon cat who had a huge hairball and didn't eat for 3 days! I used my red light pen on his belly and also did his Wellness meridian points (acupressure) and within 3 hours he was up moving around and drinking water!

Red light therapy - what is it? It's a way to help the body heal itself. The energy (photons) from the lights increases the energy within the cell and that speeds up the healing process. Using red light therapy is beneficial because the wavelengths are absorbed by different depths of tissue. Research has shown that red light therapy has dramatically increased the rate of healing and is effective for stimulating acupuncture points, releasing trigger points, treating wounds, infections and penetrates deeper in helping heal soft tissue injuries, joints and muscles. Is your horse experiencing any kind of back soreness, pain in the lumbar, SI issues, locked up stifle, hoof problems, shoulder pain? Is it affecting their performance? See the wonderful benefits of red light therapy listed below. Contact BAC Equine Massage Therapy to schedule your massage and red light therapy session

- Increases blood circulation needed for healthy muscles

- Relieves aches and pains

- Increases wound healing with less scar tissue

- Reduces edema

- Reduces inflammation which helps reduce pain

- Increases range of motion

- Improves immune cell production

- Relaxes muscles

- Stimulates collagen production

- Stimulates trigger and acupuncture points

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